Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let's Be Thankful

Anxiety and strife are the norm for our precious girls. There are, very LEGITIMATELY,  so many things in this world to worry about. How much more for a child who is abandoned and alone on the planet! When they come to us, they cry (for some) for days. They are so filled with fear and anxiety.  All we can do is wait. We patiently wait for them to take the risk, and believe that maybe, just maybe, we could be who we say we are. Maybe we really are kind and maybe we do love them with no personal agenda for gain. We long for them to relax a bit and feel the whimsy of childhood. We pray for them to rest in the fact that they are safe, now. We can see it just beyond their grasp, and it pains us when they are so bound by fear that they cannot experience the "felt-safety" of their new home.

This is exactly what the Lord is doing for me every single day. Waiting patiently for me to realize that He is GOOD and that all that He does is GOOD. He is for me and He is kindness personified. If only I would rest fully in that, I could finally relax in Him knowing that I am a fully vested child of God. Not an outsider that is tolerated. That I indeed, have a seat at my Father's table. 

The antidote to this fear-riddled way of life is THANKFULNESS! . If we come to the Lord with our concerns, and if we remember to keep our hearts grateful, we will be taking the leap of trusting Him, without even realizing it. Before you know it, you'll be learning a new normal way of living. A way of life that refuses to focus on the "what-if's" of sorrow and dread, but instead chooses to perseverate on the goodness of God and the wonderful gifts in our lives! Take your seat at His table today, and be grateful! 

Happy Thanksgiving!