Friday, July 18, 2014

Ture To Myself?

How can a girl, who desires to be light with laughter, fulfill her "calling" to advocate for justice in a world so heavy with injustice? Balancing my absolute need for the "present-tense joy" of this life, and the converse heaviness found in the extreme sorrow and regret that so many, that I choose to walk with, are crushed beneath.  The Lord tells us in Matthew 11:30 NLT that His yoke is easy to bear.  So then, what is this load that I am buried under?  What am I trying to "manage" or "handle" if it is not the yoke that my God intended to walk out with me? It seems that I am not taking up "HIS yoke", but rather some form of working and striving that I have prescribed for myself.

If I am traversing through difficulty, does it have to be heavy? Does the burden have to crush me under the weight of sleeplessness or heavyhearted afternoons? How much of the worry that I entertain and pull in close to my heart is energy that is wasted? Energy that could be recycled into intercession and (moment-by-moment) choosing to trust Him.

I realize that I must constantly fill my mind and heart with the greatness of God so that the struggles that I face daily are seen in proper perspective. Do I view God as smaller than a mental illness? Do I view my God as frail beside an orphan crying out for relief from their hearts pain? My God is the God of the universe; the creator of heaven and earth! My God IS the Redeemer! He IS the Healer! There is nothing that I face (or stand with another as they face) that God does not already have a redemptive solution for!

Thank you, Dr. Tony Evans for teaching me that I am fighting FROM victory in the spiritual realm, and not FOR victory! Jesus has already completed everything necessary for us to walk through ANY situation that He allows us to be in, with COMPLETE victory! Let me just adjust what my definition of victory is (day-to-day) to match what my Father is doing and accomplishing...because, you can be sure that He IS accomplishing great things every single day through His people!!!!